Transfer to Central Station

From central station to where ever you want
Taxi Riechert will make sure you arrive safely and in time!

Children on Bord?
All our cars are equipped with two child seats. If wished, we can also provide a baby seat. Please make sure to tell us upfront in case you need a baby seat.
Please note our FAQ.

Return/Pick up at Central Station - siehe Bild rechts see picture
Starting at the platform, please use the escalator in the main hall to get to the first floor. The meetingpoint is right under the McDonalds sign. Our chauffeur will greet you there with a pick up sign. In case you can't find them, please contact us:
Telefon: 04151-7575.


Fixed Prices - Central Station Hamburg - Privat customer

To/From Central Station Hamburg

Büchen 95,00 €
Geesthacht 63,00 €
   > Krümmel, Grünhof, Tesperhude, Helmholtz-Zentrum,           Grüner Jäger 75,00 €
Lauenburg 92,00 €
Schwarzenbek 75,00 €
   > Lanken 83,00 €
Reinbek 39,00 €
Glinde 39,00 €
Wentorf 39,00 €
Aumühle 55,00 €
  • Please ask for other cities.
  • Fixed prices only for the direct way in a Taxi.


  • Pick up at Meetingpoint 4,00 €, (free pick up at the exit)
  • Normal sized car (1-4 persons and up to 3 standart sized suitcases) 0,00 €
  • Combi (1-4 persons with more than 3 suitcases) 0,00 €
  • Van (starting with 5 persons up to 8 or a lot of luggage) 12,80 €
  • Business-Limousine 12,80 €
  • Travelling with ski or golf equipment? We recommand to ask for a combi or a van (depending on the amount of travellers)